I enjoy math, but if you are like me this is your definition:

  1. act of frustrating; state of being frustrated
    “the frustration of this proof.
  2. an instance of being frustrated
    “to experience a series of frustrations before understanding the problem” 
  3. something that frustrates, as an unresolved problem.

I was a Math major briefly, for three semesters in college.  Long enough to peak at the rabbit hole and know that I’d never be a master of it.  To get back up to speed with some Math in my spare time I’ve been solving problems at  If you want to add me, my key is (548614_8b804e41553b1f50d9ffc8d63080c87f).

I won’t be posting solutions here; I will however post some classes and tools I’ve written that I find useful outside of Project Euler.



Math : Prime Tool ‘Box / Kit’  (Added Sept. 14, 2014)

 Math: Transformations – Rotating points (Added Nov. 6, 2014)

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